Addiction Recovery

05: What the F

November 13, 2023 Steven T. Ginsburg Season 1 Episode 5
Addiction Recovery
05: What the F
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Join us for an eye-opening conversation with Steven Ginsburg, founder of Restore Detox Centers, as we shed light on the alarming realities of Fentanyl. This potent synthetic opioid painkiller, often found in counterfeit pills and other drugs, poses deadly risks across all demographics. We emphasize the importance of prevention through education and awareness, urging everyone to understand the dangers of these substances.

But our discussion doesn't stop there. We also address the unfair stigmas surrounding addiction recovery, highlighting the courage it takes to seek help. We offer a wealth of resources for those struggling with addiction and provide guidance for parents on navigating these tough conversations with their children. This episode goes beyond just understanding Fentanyl - it's about taking proactive steps to protect our loved ones and offering support to those in need. Tune in and make a difference - you might save a life.

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The Dangerous Rise of Fentanyl
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